Press - 2014

...Weingartner will be even better known for her marvelous lyrical playing as soon as her performance of the middle movement, "Adagio" (of the Alonso-Crespo concerto) becomes more widely heard.

She moves from note to note exquisitely by adding tonal butter between each note, glides her musical phrases effortlessly and envelopes her tone with rich harmonic content. One would be pressed to demand more, she is perfect for this repertoire. . . . Eleanor Weingartner is a superb clarinetist and musician.

- The Clarinet Magazine, September, 2014 -
Press - 2009

I admired the Rivera-Weingartner-Carver take on [the clarinet songs] as much as any I have heard... The Rivera-Weingartner-Carver CD is a delight from start to finish, and a rare achievement.

- Chamber Music, June, 2009 -
Weingartner is... a virtuoso, commanding and totally in control of her instrument... In Six German Songs by Spohr, she expertly matches the varied nuances of the singer...

- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 5, 2009 -
Eleanor Weingartner's lyricism and tonal control really shine... In the Spohr Sechs deutsche Lieder... the artistry of all three musicians is captivating. Weingartner amazes in the concerto-like passage work in the odd-numbered songs.

- The Clarinet, 2009 -
Press - 2008

The clarinetist, Weingartner, in "The Abyss of the Birds" (in Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time)... showed her true virtuosity... What she achieved in this movement, dedicated entirely to her instrument, was simply miraculous. She achieved wonders with its nuances and handled the dynamics breathtakingly.

- El Norte, Alejandro Fernández, September 15, 2008 -
Press - 2004

Weingartner, whose clean playing [in the Mozart and Brahms clarinet quintets] is enhanced by a focused and fluid tone quality... [Her] interpretation of the Adagio movement [of the Brahms] is especially lovely, featuring excellent control and tonal consistency throughout the registers of the instrument.

- The Clarinet, December, 2004 -